See What Grocery E-Commerce Automation Can Do for You

Dramatically slashes labor costs

Optimizes driver efficiency for more deliveries

Eliminates order staging

Brings the store to the guest

Delivers consistent and speedy customer engagements

Easily open more time slots during peak demand

Drives more customers to prefer pickup

Bell and Howell automated technology crushes delivery costs. We can tackle the temperature control needed for groceries or bulky and heavy items often encountered in package delivery.​ Additionally, customers prefer the speed and simplicity of our drive up and go automation. ​​Either way, our flexible, modular automation simplifies last mile delivery, so you and your customers win.

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Automated Solutions

QuiCkCollect XL Grocery Drive Up Kiosk

QuickCollect GO!™ Pod

The QuickCollect GO!™ Pod is a "store in a box" robotic e-commerce order pickup solution that eliminates labor-intensive order touchpoints and enables simple, drop-in installation.

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QuickCollect GL Grocery Locker Image

QuickCollect™ GL

The QuickCollect™ GL  is a smart grocery locker system that enables grocers to remotely configure locker temperatures by columns. Deliver entire grocery orders in one solution, from heated to frozen and anywhere in between.

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QuiCkCollect XL Grocery Drive Up Kiosk

QuickCollect GO!™ Cube

The QuickCollect GO! Cube is a freestanding automated indoor pickup solution that is scalable to meet the demands of your store and your customers while reducing operational costs and fueling ecommerce growth.

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Other Reasons to Choose Bell and Howell for Automated Pickup

Scalable Solutions

Our grocery solutions can expand to fit growing demand, so you can buy the right size today and adjust as you grow. Plus, with solutions for pharmacy and remote possibilities, there’s always room to scale or diversify.

Remote Servicing Options

Remote 24/7 monitoring enables our skilled technicians to perform preventive maintenance, diagnose performance anomalies, and service most issues remotely.

Expand Your Markets

Your refrigerated grocery locker or kiosk doesn’t have to be attached to your store. Leverage our self-contained outdoor solutions to extend your pickup and delivery range beyond your existing facilities. You can even integrate directly with your warehouse, micro-fulfillment center, or dark store.